Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Now you can
upload local videos and schedule them with OpusClip's social media calendar
, exclusively for Pro plan users 💥
Upload videos not made on OpusClip—whether they're longer videos or any other kind of videos!
Export your OpusClip shorts to XML files for final touches in Premiere Pro or DaVinci, and hop back to OpusClip to schedule them on social platforms.
In addition to this feature, OpusClip’s
Social Media Calendar
rivals any social media management tool on the market.
Effortlessly manage and schedule posts across all your platforms with our intuitive calendar system—plan an entire month's content in just one session!
Connect multiple profiles for each platform, making it simpler to handle posts for various clients simultaneously.
Social Media Calendar
is currently under Beta testing phase. Take advantage of the
limited time full access
Simplify your workflow with OpusClip! ✨
We've upgraded our transcription model to OpenAI's best transcription model, WhisperX v3, to
improve our caption accuracy
, and the results are fantastic! 🚀
Negative feedback about caption quality issues has dropped by more than
for all
languages, meaning more reliable captions for all your videos. We appreciate your support and feedback-it helps us keep improving!
Our latest release with exciting advanced upgrades and a fresh new interface! 💥
Edit clips like a document
: Easily trim out any unwanted footage, make bulk changes to your captions, or remove captions.
Timeline editor
: Easily drag and adjust your footage with precision.
Add new sections/extend content
: To grab attention with a killer hook, extend your clip for more impact or just combine different parts of your video? Now you can do it all with a simple click of "Add a section" button.
Manual reframe 2.0
: Take full control over how your video looks. Force the layout, zoom level, and framing to create the perfect visual style.
AI B-Roll
: To add more extra footage, just select a sentence anywhere of clips and let our AI generate more B-Roll.
(We'll gradually roll it out to all users)
Remove filler words and pauses
: Keep your content crisp and professional. Simply click once in the timeline section to clean up and remove any unnecessary words or pauses.
Faster render and preview
: During our BETA testing, the rendering time is now 62% faster than before.
Check how it works⬇️
And that's not all! We have more exciting updates coming your way soon:
Brand font upload
Transition & animated effect
Move caption around
Add intro&outro
, etc. Stay tuned! 🚀
Say hi to the new social media calendar -
A powerful tool that lets you schedule your whole month's posts in 10 minutes.
With the new calendar, you can:
Connect multiple accounts to each social platform
✅ View and edit everything you’ve published, and scheduled in one calendar
✈️ Drag and drop posts from one day or time to another
📈 Our engineering team has fine-tuned the WhisperX model, resulting in:
  • a 50% reduction in repeated words
  • over 10% decrease in missing sentences
  • a 24% decrease in caption edits among all edits
🙌 We are continuously enhancing auto caption accuracy, and we always appreciate your feedback.
Now you can
upload videos
directly from Google Drive
to easily start your clipping flow! ✈️
  • Simply click the Google Drive icon below the URL submission box
  • Grant access to OpusClip
  • Select your video to upload
We will automatically generate video descriptions and hashtags for your videos, and you can also regenerate video titles based on different styles (interesting, catchy, serious, question).
Give it a try now and Maximize your reach!
Introducing Viral Caption Templates - Caption your videos just like the most successful content creators!
Moreover, you can add captions to your short-form videos without clipping the original video. Simply toggle on "Only add caption without clipping" when submitting your next video!
Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 6
🌟 Export to DaVinci Resolve is now live!
Import your .xml file and media files seamlessly into DaVinci Resolve. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting video duration, fine-tuning framing and motion effects, and customizing your captivating captions. Plus, you can add sound effects, music, transitions, and much more.
🎬 Export to XML(Adobe Premiere Pro)
Now you can export Auto Captions(even animated captions), Moving Speaker Tracking effect and B-Rolls with XML file, allowing you to make further edits in Premiere!
  • You have the flexibility to resize, rotate, and replace captions wherever you need.
  • You can adjust the motion effect for camera focus and easily move insertion point for B-Rolls(if has).
Please Note: Auto captions will be exported as overlays and cannot be edited in Premiere Pro. Kindly make sure that you have completed the caption adjustment within the OpusClip editor and saved it before exporting the XML file.
✂️ Timeline Trimmer
Split and remove unwanted footage effortlessly to achieve flawless clips.
timeline trimming
Pro Plan: for professional creators, marketers, and teams
, comes with everything in Starter plan plus:
  1. AI B-roll
  2. Social media scheduler to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  3. Team workspace
  4. Export to Adobe Premiere Pro
You can go to your Subscription Page to easily upgrade to Pro Plan.
Starter Plan: for individual creators
, comes with all the essential features include:
  1. Autopost to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels in 1 click
  2. Animated captions
  3. Dynamic AI layout
  4. AI Co-pilot
🔗 🗂️
Team workspace
allows seamless collaboration for teams. You can share credits, videos, and brand templates within your team.
To create your team, upgrade to the Pro plan and click on your profile image in the top right corner.
✂️ 🎞️ Export to Adobe Premiere Pro
You can export XML files & SRT files, and import them into Premiere Pro. Easily adjust video duration, fine-tune framing and composition, and customize your video with sound effects, music, transitions, and more (Exclusively for new submission of Pro users).
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